Counselling Services

Individual Counselling

individual-iconAdults generally seek individual counselling because they either want to get better or they feel pressured to attend.

  • I provide a therapeutic environment seeking to create an effective counselling relationship that honours the uniqueness of each client.
  • The goals and areas of exploration are client led. Content often explores their more inward fears, hopes and dreams.
  • Frequency of sessions are decided by the client.

Sessions are between 6 weeks to 1-2 years

Couples Counselling

couples-iconCouples generally seek couples counselling to explore their desire to continue in the relationship or not. It can be quite common for one partner to feel pressurised or reluctant to attend.

  • The counsellor’s role is different in counselling couples. They hold the reigns to maintain the clients safety, e.g. to control how ‘heated’ a discussion is allowed to become.
  • The counsellor decides on the method of exploration and the direction of the session – making sure both parties have equal ‘airtime’.

Content is more about behaviour and negotiating contracts to better meet each other’s needs.

Sessions are between 6 -12 weeks

Young People Counselling (12Yrs+)

adolescent-iconThe safety and well-being of the young person is of utmost importance.

  • Counselling provides a young person (12yrs+) with a safe place where self expression can occur.
  • Creative interventions such as the sand tray, drawing, fairytales etc all help a young person tell their story.
  • Interventions may then be used to improve the situation e.g. exploring different ways to tackle the problem, inviting family members into session or involving other professionals if appropriate.

Sessions are between 6 weeks to 1-2 years

Supervision, Life Coaching and Groups


Supervision and Groups:
  • Individual and group supervision is offered to all professionals and students in a helping role.
  • Workshops/personal development groups are tailored to fit an agencies specific requirements or the groups needs.
Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to help and empower you to create and achieve personal and professional goals at work, home, in relationships, with yourself and your world.

  • It explores your situation, what you would like to be different, and what obstacles /challenges are currently blocking you.
  • A course of action is then collaboratively created where you are armed with new tools to obtain your goals and new way of living.

Sessions are between 6 weeks to 1 year



Individual Counselling


Couples Counselling


Young People Counselling




Abuse / Trauma
Addictions / Adolescents
Anger / Self harm
Anxiety & Depression
Bereavement / Loss
Eating Disorders
Relationships / Identity
Self-esteem / Stress